What Jobs Make $100 An Hour?[Discover Hidden Jobs With Highest Pay Per Hour]

What Jobs Make $100 An Hour

Are you looking for high paying jobs that can earn you $100 or more per hour? While building such equity in your skillset arsenal takes years and commitment to career building, there are plenty of jobs that pay $100 an hour today than you care to think. The jobs are in different industries and may sometimes not link to your current career and qualifications. 

In such a case, some of you looking at what you can do as a job and make $100 an hour along the way may require that you consider upgrading your skillsets or entirely changing your career to get such a salary. 

But what jobs make $100 an hour in today’s economic climate? 

Here are some of the jobs you can do to earn $100 per hour. These include becoming a Life coach, tattoo artist, political speechwriter, underwater welder, freelance photographer, Massage therapist, commercial pilot Orthodontist, commercial pilot, anesthesiologist, and interior designer. 

Life Coach

A life coach is an individual that helps people or clients to make the right decisions about their lives by counseling them. 

Career Type:Life Coach
Average Salary Per Hour:$118.82
Annual Salary:$52760
Qualifications/ Certification:No Qualification
Total Work Hours37 Hours

In this case, a life coach can also develop a one-to-one relationship with the clients to help them heal emotionally, identify their own strengths, and weaknesses so that they can work on them. 

There are so many coaching types that one can choose to major in; this includes career coaching, health coaching, executive coaching, and more. 

A life coach has an average salary of up to $26,000 per year. Most of the time, this job is done as part time. A life coach builds a relationship with clients and helps them through counseling to ensure that they can achieve positive goals, motivating as well as encouraging the clients, developing the client’s self-awareness using Coaching skills., 

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    An orthodontist is a person that specializes in properly aligning the teeth and the jaws. This is one of the most paying job because orthodontists are very few. These people also major in looking at the shape of the mouth as well as the face. 

    They also examine the patients and asses the abnormalities that these patients may have in the mouth, jaws, face, and the jaws. 

    After examining these abnormalities, they may instruct the patients to start wearing dental equipment. Dental equipment can include braces, expanders and other equipment that can help to reduce these abnormalities. 

    They also help the patients in the ways that they can keep their mouth, teeth and jaws healthy to prevent dental problems. 

    To become an orthodontist, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in a subject that is science-related, after that you attend a dental school for more qualifications. 

    To fully become a dentist, it may take you many years and you may have to write many exams in the process. The average salary of an orthodontist is $260 000 per year. They may charge $100 or more an hour.


    An anesthesiologist is a person that works by administering drugs or anesthetics to patients. These drugs can be administered in order to reduce pain when doing a medical procedure or after the medical procedure has been completed. 

    These people also work with surgeons as well as doctors, they also use a patient’s medical history in order to customize the anesthesia. 

    Anesthesiologists also monitor the patient’s vital signs to ensure that the body is healthy and there is no problem before administering the drugs. 

    These have an average salary of about $102 per hour. The average annual salary of an anesthesiologist is about $143,287 PER YEAR. To become an anesthesiologist, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in health sciences or a bachelor’s degree in pre-med. You will also need to have a master’s degree. 

    Commercial Pilot

    A commercial plot is person that is responsible for controlling a planer that has passengers in it and making sure that they all reach the intended destination safely. A commercial pilot also works with air traffic controllers so that they can properly navigate their traffic. They also keep the passengers communicated about the status of the flight. 

    They are also responsible for checking the condition of the plane. They also ensure that the aircraft is well balanced before they take off. 

    Other responsibility is ensuring that they have enough fuel, they are travelling in acceptable weather conditions, monitoring the engines, communicating with the air traffic control, listening to the advice given by the air traffic control as well as using the cockpit and visual references in order to navigate the aircraft. 

    To become a commercial pilot, you need to have a bachelor’s degree from a federal aviation administration, you also need a certificate from the federal aviation administration in order to work as a commercial pilot. Having experience in the military can also be very helpful. The average annual salary of a commercial pilot is about $77, 951. 

    Interior designers

    An interior designer is responsible for looking at the space requirements of a home or an indoor space and assigning decorative items in order to make the space beautiful and functional.  

    An interior designer can work in engineering services or in design services. For one to become an interior designer you need to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design. The annual salary of an interior designer is about $56, 000.

    These people work by making sketches on the design and layouts, considering the amount of space and how they can use the space, creating a timeline for the activities as well as determining the goals of the clients. 

    There are many types of interior designers and one can choose to major in one. These include universal designers, corporate designers, kitchen and bath designers, healthcare designers as well as sustainable designers. 

    Massage Therapists

    A massage therapist is a person that uses hands to help in manipulating soft tissues and muscles in the client’s body. They work by using touch as well as pressure to relieve the client’s body from muscle pain, improve the circulation of blood, relax the client’s body and soothe the client’s injuries. 

    These people also maintain the client’s history of past health conditions or injuries in a detailed manner. 

    They also provide client with methods n which they can use to relax the body, stretch it as well as strengthen it. 

    They also listen to the client’s orders when massaging them. Massage therapists need to have a certificate to show that they are qualified for massage therapy, they also require 500 hours of completed therapy courses. 

    These people need to have skills like time management skills, communication skills and ability to deal with customers in a good manner. The annual average salary of a massage therapists is about $56, 380 in a year, they charge about $100 each hour. 

    Tattoo artist

    A tattoo artist is responsible for applying tattoo designs on a client’s skin. These people need to know how to create designs that can be appealing to the customers. 

    A tattoo artist does not require a high or formal education. However, to have all the necessary experience and skills you need to have completed an apprenticeship program. 

    Becoming an apprentice can also take up to 3 years. A tattoo artist is also responsible for cleaning the equipment used for tattooing and sterilizing it, making or creating new design patterns as well as ensuring that they are UpToDate with new tattoos in fashion. 

    The annual average salary of a tattoo artist is $52,225per year. A tattoo artist can make up to $130every hour. 

    Political Speechwriter

    A political speech writer is a person that is responsible for writing speeches for politicians. These politicians could be running for a post to be elected or could be an already elected official such as members of the city council, governors, mayors or prime ministers. 

    They also have a discussion with the politicians about what should be written in the speech. They also help in selecting the issues that need to be discussed in the speech and ensuring that everything that needs to be said is said in the speech.  

    A political speech writer can earn up to $100 an hour. In order to become a political speech writer, you need to have a bachelors degree in communications, journalism, English or any related field. 

    Underwater wielder

    An underwater welder is a person that operates, repairs and constructs pipes that are located underwater. An underwater wilder can up to 120 dollars per hour but this depends on the type of job that they have taken. 

    There are some jobs that may take up to 30 days and here the welder many need to be at the sea until the job is completed. They are also responsible for ensuring that welding is done in a safe and efficient manner, identifying any defects and calibrating the materials that will be used in welding and diving.

    To become an underwater welder, you need to have a high school diploma and at least 5 years of experience. A GED is also required. An underwater welder also needs to have a certificate in wielding, and a pass in a diving physical exam. An underwater welder makes$35,8000 per year.

    Freelance Photographer  

    A freelance photographer is an individual that takes photos at important client events. The events can include business meetings, weddings, holidays, parties and more. 

    Specialized photographers can make up to $100 per hour. Such experienced freelance photographers also have a lot of experience. 

    For one to become a freelance photographer, you do not need to have a formal education. However, a high school diploma or a GED might be needed. 

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